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Why have Dubai’s real estate prices risen?

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Economic reasons for investors to invest in  Dubai real estate market

The international client would love to hear all about safety and, security and a highest ROI ( return of investment)   UBS one of the biggest wealth management and banks in the world by managing the largest amount of private wealth in the world accounting approximately half of the world’s billionaires The company released the […]

Reasons you should invest in Dubai real estate market

Dubai is a gateway to the middle east, Africa, South of Asia from 2008 to 2018 the population was growing and this is one of the reasons why we should invest in the city and it means there will be more demands, buyers, tenants and more demand for the product that we are investing in. […]

Do’s and Don’ts in Real-Estate Business

Do’s Do get licensed before working with clients on any sort of Professional showing deals DO download the Dubai brokers App accessible through Dubai REST-APP to your smartphone device, to validate the owner’s ownership certificate before initiating any contract Do use the Dubai brokers app to access contacts A,B and F Do get all agency […]

10 key performance indicators for a successful agent

Revenue generated Number of deals closed (primary sales, secondary sales and rentals) Value of deals closed Appearance and formal dress code (suits with white shirt) Punctuality and attendance at work Live verified listings Leads per listing Calls answer rate Updated CRM (leads and listings) Activities and posts on social media

10 common penalties and Violations related to real estate in Dubai

1- Notification 2- warning 3- suspension from work for a period not exceeding 6 months 4- blacklisting broker’s name 5-The broker’s registration shall be canceled if they breach this charter, or commit a fundamental violation of the laws, regulations, and instructions enforced in the Emirates, or collects three points on the blacklist The cancelation is […]

Understanding Dubai’s Legal Framework for Canceled Real Estate Projects

Law N13 of 2008 (as amended by law N19 of 2017) If a developer’s project is canceled by order of RERA, then the developer must refund the full amount paid by the buyer Decree N21 of 2013 All matters regarding liquidation of assets of canceled real estate projects will be decided by the special judicial […]

Navigating the Essential Documents for a Tenancy Contract in Dubai

Ownership certificate (usually title deed) Landlord’s documents [passport/ EID/license (if the property is owned by a company)] Tenants documents [passport/EID/license] Tenant’s residence visa Payment of security deposit proved by(receipt) Payment of rental cheques proved by (receipt) Payment of brokerage fees (commission) with (receipt) Unified tenancy contract Repainting and cleaning Handover of keys and access card(s) […]