Navigating the Essential Documents for a Tenancy Contract in Dubai

  • Ownership certificate (usually title deed)
  • Landlord’s documents [passport/ EID/license (if the property is owned by a company)]
  • Tenants documents [passport/EID/license]
  • Tenant’s residence visa
  • Payment of security deposit proved by(receipt)
  • Payment of rental cheques proved by (receipt)
  • Payment of brokerage fees (commission) with (receipt)
  • Unified tenancy contract
  • Repainting and cleaning
  • Handover of keys and access card(s) receipt


Addendum to tenancy contract (sample/draft)

    1- The tenant’s security deposit (AED…) will be refunded by the landlord to the tenant after termination of this contract and vacating and settlement of utilities final bills, subject to the premises being left in a satisfactory conditions painted and cleaned, as to when the property was handed over to the tenant fair wear and tears are accepted

If any damage is discovered, the landlord reserves the right to deduct the amount from the tenant’s security deposit to cover the cost of the repairs

If the damage incurred is more than the total amount of the security deposit , then the tenant will be held responsible for covering the full cost of the repairs

2 – The tenant must register this contract with EJARI under his name and pay its costs. A copy of EJARI shall be sent to the landlord

3 – the tenant is not allowed to use the property for any commercial purpose the tenant is strictly not allowed to sublease the property

   4 – in case of any late payment, postponement or any rental cheque bounced, (1000AED/-) will be charged as a penalty and if the amount of the returned cheque is not paid within 5 days, the tenant authorize the landlord or his representative to evacuate the premises from occupant immediately

5 – the tenant may not fix, glue or nail carpets on the floor. Any modifications or changes must be with the prior written approval of the landlord

6 – the tenant should notify the landlord within 7 days from the date of moving in, in case of any maintenance or repairing within 3 work days

7 – after 7 days from the date of moving, minor maintenance (below 500 AED) will be the responsibility of the tenant

8 – major service charges, major maintenances and community fees is the responsibility of the landlord, including air mechanical, plumbing, sanitary installation, electrical systems, water heaters, water tanks

9 – the tenant is responsible for any fines/charges that may arise due to the tenant’s responsibility, negligence or violations towards the community rules and regulations

10 – the tenant is responsible for insuring his own household contents and equipment

11 – the landlord is not responsible for any damages occurred from any accident or misuse during the occupancy

12 – During the period of tenancy, the tenant is responsible for the payment of utilities including DEWA, internet, TV, phone, gas, telecommunication, district cooling, and other directly involved charges and bills. The landlord has not liability for payment of the same at the time of vacating

The tenant should ensure prompt and final payment for all current or pending utilities and should provide proof of payment and EJARI cancelation

Should the tenant vacate unpaid bills, the landlord reserves the right to deduct such amount from the security deposit to cover the costs of payments of such unpaid items

13 – the tenant shall undertake to notify the landlord in case of any water flood or any other accident in the premises or in case of finding out any damages or defects in the premises requiring repair or care

14 – the tenant shall premise the landlord, his agents, agencies, contractors, employees and invitees with a 48 hours notice to the tenant (except of in case of emergency where  no notice shall be required), to enter the property maintenance or alterations to the premises or to any part thereof in compliance with landlord’s obligations under the provisions of this agreement, or otherwise deemed necessary or desirable by landlord

15 – in the event of early termination of the contract, the tenant has to give at least 30 days (1 month) notice to the landlord in writing, and will have to pay rent for 60 days (2 months) as a penalty to the land and the remaining rent will be reimbursed to the tenant

16 – the tenant must submit 90 days written notice, prior to the end of the contract period to the landlord before vacating the premises or before renewing the contract so there would be no penalty . should the tenant not wish to renew the contract, it shall notify the landlord in writing before 90 days prior to expiry, failing which the tenant shall be demanded to pay a penalty of two-month rental in lieu of that

17 – upon renewal, any increase in rental amount will be set based on the rental increase calculator found on website

18 – the tenant agrees to a fee of (1000 AED /-) (as administrative and services fees) payable to the real estate agency upon renewal of the tenancy contract at the anniversaries of future renewals

19 – if the property is sold during the term of contract, all term and conditions of this contract shall remain valid, and the tenant shall recover the rental security deposit from the new owner

20 – this lease agreement shall be subject to the laws of Dubai, the UAE and dispute shall be referred to the rent committee

21 – the real estate agencies have generally no legal and/or financial liability in case of any default by any part


Tenancy contract additional conditions

●  Landlord obligations

  • No alteration of the premises or its services (for example utilities or facilities).If so, landlord will be liable for any damage caused, faults or shortages to the premises
  • On handover the landlord must provide the premises to the tenant in good condition that enables the tenant to occupy and enjoy it
  • Landlord is responsible for maintaining the premises and must rectify any defects or faults that affect the tenant’s right of occupation and enjoyment
  • Landlords are prohibited to disconnect services or to obstruct the tenant from occupying the premises of their quiet enjoyment and use. If so, tenant has the right to file a police report, in add to filing a case with the rental dispute settlement (RDC)


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