10 common penalties and Violations related to real estate in Dubai

1- Notification

2- warning

3- suspension from work for a period not exceeding 6 months

4- blacklisting broker’s name

5-The broker’s registration shall be canceled if they breach this charter, or commit a fundamental violation of the laws, regulations, and instructions enforced in the Emirates, or collects three points on the blacklist

The cancelation is decided by the director based on a recommendation from the committee stating the reasons for the cancellation

The broker may appeal the cancellation decision to the committee’s president within 15 days from the notification date, and the president’s decision in this regard shall be final

The broker’s registration in DLD shall be canceled if:

  • The broker quits the brokerage profession permanently and notifies DLD accordingly
  • The broker has left the brokerage business for more than twelve consecutive months without a legitimate cause accepted by the committee
  • Loss of any of the conditions that must be met by the provisions of these regulations, or any decisions or instructions issued pursuant thereto
  • If it becomes evident that the broker’s registration was the result of false statements submitted to DLD
  • A decision issued by the director to cancel the registration in accordance with the provisions of these regulations

What is disciplinary action?

It is a punishment resulting from the RERA investigation a complaint against a licensee

Such an action could have serious consequences for the licensee, such as points, revocation or suspension of the license and fine

Violations and penalties mentioned in the executive council resolution N25 of 2009

1- practicing the brokerage activity without permit

2- the broker’s lack of commitment to provide DLD/RERA with the required information and data

3- performing brokerage activities for a real estate project not registered with DLD/RERA

4- carrying out real estate marketing without obtaining a permit

5- non-compliance with the use of standard contacts for real estate marketing

6- failure to comply with the circulars and directives issued by RERA

7- violation of the license terms

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