Reasons you should invest in Dubai real estate market

  • Dubai is a gateway to the middle east, Africa, South of Asia from 2008 to 2018 the population was growing and this is one of the reasons why we should invest in the city and it means there will be more demands, buyers, tenants and more demand for the product that we are investing in.
  • The UAE is very welcoming country for expats with 90% among the totally population
  • We can fly within 4 hours, to a third of the world and within 8 hours to the two third of the world, Dubai has a strategic location in the midst of Europe and Asia (East and West) and is a gateway to the middle east, Africa and South Asia
  • Dubai airport is the world busiest international airport, Serving 89 millions passengers a year and is ranked as the most visited city with a record of 15,5 millions passengers in 2018
  • In term of climate Dubai has 3500 annual hours of sunshine
  • Safety and Security the UAE is the world’s safest country with almost 0% which is the lowest ration in (number of crimes/ every 100 000 people)
  • Tax free we don’t have any property taxes on residential properties, it is 100% free hold ownership
  • Every 1 million dollars buys you 143 square meter in Dubai comparatively to London and Monaco where you can get only 31 M2 for the same price and in Monaco 16 M2 only
  • The 4% process fees are lower than over 110 countries in the world


We can distinguish 3 types of this kind of ownership

  • Dedicated to all nationalities
  • Dedicated to GCC citizens
  • Dedicated to Emiratis

Transfer fees are 4% in Dubai the DLD Dubai Land Department is 100% paperless and the process is the following

  • You generate the form from Dubai rest app, the buyer get the message in the same time with the seller, they click on the link that means their signature are right
  • Once the NOC is updated in the system you don’t even have to go to the developer’s office to collect the NOC, all you need is the reference number


  • you upload the documents and get the reference number you give it to the trustee and he will call you when everything is ready (manager cheque and title deed). Now the transfer is done

The transfer process in both secondary and the process of registration and registration in primary can not be easier, simpler and faster.

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