Economic reasons for investors to invest in  Dubai real estate market

The international client would love to hear all about safety and, security and a highest ROI ( return of investment)


UBS one of the biggest wealth management and banks in the world by managing the largest amount of private wealth in the world accounting approximately half of the world’s billionaires

The company released the yearly report (bubble index report) which is downloadable and accessible for everyone and the report is comparing 25 cities, among these cities we find Dubai and his low risk of investment, it means Dubai real estate market is the only undervalued (underpriced) one

The report is given after deeply studies that include many economics indexes such as (GDP, Real estate prices, recent increase in the prices, “demand and supply”, economic growth, you will find the resources from where the information were been took ( Central banks, different Ministry of economy) and different indicators, indexes

The report talk also about Dubai and a good Return of investments

When it is an average rental income of 7% per year that means there is a way in, however the return of investment  differs depending on the form of property and it is higher when it comes to commercial, industrial, labor camps properties so we can consider as very less any Return Of Investment less than 15%

In luxury properties, Downtown, in the penthouses or in Emirates hills villas any percentage more than 4% is too much

Prestigious, luxury and prime properties give always a higher capital appreciation and lower ROI return of investment

While in the affordable and economics areas, it is the other way around so the property there give a higher ROI and less capital appreciation

In residential properties such as international city Discovery garden and JVT the yearly ROI Return Of Investment reach 9% even 10% sometimes


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